2015-16 Season

The Crucible

Directed by Taylor Rodier
at Greenlee Theater at M.A.C.A.

The Crucible is a dramatized and partially fictionalized story of the Salem witch trials that took place during 1692 and 1693. The story draws on the culture of fear and paranoia caused by rapid accusations of witchcraft. Written in 1953 by Arthur Miller, it won the Tony award for best play. The story also became a 1996 movie starring Daniel Day Lewis and it was most recently revived on Broadway in 2002 starring Liam Neeson. The play is studied and taught in high schools across the country. Arthur Miller wrote the events as a parable of the Congressional Communist witch hunts led by Senator Joe McCarthy in the 1950s America.

The Game's Afoot
Holmes for the Holidays

Directed by Sandra Epperson
at Greenlee Theater at M.A.C.A.

It's December 1936 and Broadway star William Gillette, admired the world over for his leading role in the play Sherlock Holmes, has invited his fellow cast members to his Connecticut castle for a weekend of revelry. But when one of the guests is stabbed to death, the festivities in this isolated house of tricks and mirrors quickly turn dangerous. Then it's up to Gillette himself, as he assumes the persona of his beloved Holmes, to track down the killer before the next victim appears. The danger and hilarity are non-stop in this farcical whodunit set during the Christmas holidays. The Game's Afoot was named the Best Play at the 2012 Mystery Writers of America Edgar Allen Poe Awards.

EXIT, pursued by a BEAR

Directed by Susan Pyatt Baker
at Greenlee Theater at M.A.C.A.

EXIT, pursued by a BEAR is a contemporary Southern "revengecomedy" that disarms stereotypes of abuse with wild humor. Nan has decided to teacher her abusive husband Kyle a lesson. She tapes him to a chair and forces him to watch as she and friends reenact scenes from their painful past. BEAR is part I Love Lucy, part Jacobean revenge tragedy, and part feminist power ballad. Set in the North Georgia mountains, the ever-sweet Nan finally flips the story on her abusive husband, Kyle. With the help of her colorful friends, her idolization of Jimmy Carter, and one violent Shakespearean stage direction (exit, pursued by bear) from The Winter's Tale, this play ain't over till the bears are in pursuit.

Broadway Bucket List

Directed by Stephanie Pritchard
at Greenlee Theater at M.A.C.A.

This show will have you singing and dancing along in your seats! Broadway Bucket List is a musical revue featuring many popular songs from classic shows such as Annie, South Pacific, West Side Story, Annie Get Your Gun, Guys and Dolls, as well as modern shows Matilda, The Phantom of the Opera, Hairspray, Pippin, and Wicked to name a few! Broadway Bucket List is presented as one to three complete songs from each show grouped together with costumes, props, and dancing to give the audience a "taste" of the complete show. Broadway Bucket List is a family friendly show and appropriate for all ages. Think outside the box... think Broadway!!