2012-13 Season


Directed by Treavor Gouge
at Greenlee Theater at M.A.C.A.

This classic Greek play tells the story of the women of Greece during the Peloponnesian War. Sick and tired of this war that they see as pointless, the women, led by Lysistrata come up with a unique yet effective way of convincing the men to end the war, turning it into a battle of the sexes. This funny, often irreverent play touches on the struggles between men and women that still resonate with today's audiences.

The Woman in Black

Directed by Sydney Wilson
at Greenlee Theater at M.A.C.A.

As a young solicitor, Arthur Kipps had a terrifying experience that changed his life. After struggling to explain the events to his friends and family he has hired an actor to help him describe them in horrifying detail. Acclaimed as the most "terrifying live theatre experience in the world," The Woman in Black has played in London's West End for 23 years, making it the second longest running play after The MouseTrap. This simple yet terrifying tale will leave you breathless.

Into the Woods

Directed by Keeley Duckworth
at East McDowell Junior High

Join Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Jack, & The Baker and his wife as their individual struggles and goals lead them on a journey Into The Woods. In this not-so-classic blending of some of our favorite fairy tales, the characters must decide between what they want and what is right, while having to deal with the Big Bad Wolf, The Wicked Witch, the Giant and each other. The musical won Tony Awards for Best Score and Best Book for its Broadway premier in 1987.

The Man Who Lost the River

Directed by Hampton Boggs
at Greenlee Theater at M.A.C.A.

This sweet family play begins on the 75th birthday of Samuel Clemens as he sits waiting on Halley's Comet. A publisher has come to see him to try to do what others have been unable to do, convince him to write one more story. He refuses, saying he is too old to write about boys in their youth. As he thinks about it however, he eventually becomes Mark Twain once more, journeying back through some of his favorite stories and characters.